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myself and my puppy


I finished and uploaded my final poem of the poem-a-day challenge for National Poetry Day 2018 (NaPoWriMo2018) on Sunday, May 6th. There were 31 poems in all, because I wrote two for Day 27. My thanks to the writing group folks for the opportunity to write with them, for the sharing, and encouragement. Hope we’ll do this again during NaNoWriMo in November. I still have to go through the blog posts and mess around with the dates, so that the days/poems come out in proper order.

My next goal, getting the wildflower seeds strewn in this year’s garden, is underway. I have planted the packets of annuals that I bought, this winter, and I’ve only the basil yet to prepare a bed for. Because stuff is already coming up in the wildflower garden, I may just throw down seed and walk on it, rather than digging it up anymore than I already have.

Enjoy our springtime while it lasts!
Elizabeth (“Lizl”)

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