NaPoWriMo2017, Day 02 | “Ghost Echoes” & “Trout and Water Strider”

I find that I am enjoying the writing process, so far, this time around. Even though I do not know more than one of the people in this writing group, I find it stimulating to write. Having the group also makes me feel accountable for getting something written to the deadline. A nice lot of prompts have been offered/proposed each day. The first day, I combined prompts and wrote one poem. Today, I chose and wrote in response to two prompts.

Prompt: Rain

ghost echoes
circles in the pond
a raindrop


Prompt: Write a “not today” poem….

“Trout and Water Strider”

six feet with hair and bubbles —
good to eat? —
stride across the silver-spangled
ceiling of the world

that moving shadow midst the ripples
of the quiet river bend,
a backwater buffet
of unexpected,
unsuspecting treats

but not today

today, I am a meditating presence,
not a predator or prey,
watching while the world
floats past, above my scaled head,

muted, as I hang suspended
in cool, shaded water

not thinking, now, not doing…
being, finally, ‘not me’

“Ghost Echoes” and “Trout and Water Strider”. Copyright © 2017-04-02, by E. W. Bennefeld.


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