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Getting It Right

blue wild flax flowers, shadows and light

“Getting it Right”

I write the story of my life
one day at a time, taking care
to leaf through previous pages,
editing events, adjusting
back stories, tidying errors
and casual mistakes
that I would not have made,
had I known then what I think
I know today…subject
to further alterations
as seem prudent at the time.

There is time. There is always
time to get it right. There is
an eternity to get it all right.
Written out finally with no mistakes.

Copyright © 2017-06-10, by E.W. Bennefeld.

I had at one time, encouraged by others, considered writing an autobiography. As I go through the process of adjusting to my parents’ deaths, I realize that that would be the wrong avenue for me to take in grieving. Better, bits and bites in poetry and limited explorations in prose.

I have other things to do with my time, and I most probably will not have time to get it right. Not in this lifetime, anyway.


Writer, poet, photographer, omnivorous reader, and observer of life.

2 thoughts on “Getting It Right

  1. Liz; enjoyed the reflections in your poetry! A woman of oh so many blessings and talents! I feel like time has stood still and hard to believe it’s over 10 years since you helped me during my masters program. Are you still living with Al in Fargo? I don’t see a link for the “written word”. Are you still accepting assignments? It would be great to hear from you. Love, Mo

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