Everyday Inspiration, Day Two: Write a List

wild flax flower in my garden (colours altered), orange flower and greenish-blue stem,

Blue Wild Flax Flower Art

This is an interesting exercise for me, because I enjoy writing lists. My favorite, “O Hidden Drawer“, was written in February 2015 for Writing 201: Poetry (WordPress, Blogging U). More recently, on this blog, I wrote “Survival” for day 25 of the 2017 NaPoWriMo challenge, a prose poem comprised of a list of things to be remembered in the midst of living life.

What I’m good at . . .

  1. Developing and sticking to a food regimen (mostly)
  2. Creating something or engaging in creative activity everyday
  3. Attempting to relearn skills that I have lost (e.g., playing the piano)
  4. Engaging people in conversations (which become one-sided, and so don’t last as long as I would like, but still . . . )
  5. Relaxing, taking naps, and thinking—staying centered
  6. Reading lots and lots of books, diverse genres and topics
  7. Taking photographs
  8. Writing poems
  9. Nattering on and on, mostly to myself or the dogs, when I am not reading or writing or exercising, which has resulted in
  10. Not watching television, listening to the radio (except to listen to the local ham radio net on weekends sometimes), or playing music for background noise
  11. Writing long letters. I do need friends or acquaintances to write to, who also would write letters. One of the things I do miss from college is the endless discussions about weighty topics.



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5 Responses to Everyday Inspiration, Day Two: Write a List

  1. Mara Eastern says:

    It made me chuckle at first when you wrote you were good at relaxing, but then it occurred to me how great a skill it is – I’m very bad at relaxing, and it’s not great for my general well-being. You are right to list it as something you’re good at!

    • Elizabeth says:

      I had to learn how to relax because of my body’s over-reacting to adrenaline. Looking back from retirement, I realize that I should have tried to find a quieter environment, when I quit corporate in the early 80s, than working from my apartment (and then home, when I married, 25 years ago). Being at an age when people around me start to die off enforces the need to dump the hyper-reactivity. 🙂 I enjoyed your approach to the “Why do I write?” That turned out to be a list of sorts, itself. Was a lot of fun.to read.

      • Mara Eastern says:

        Of course, relaxation is an art that one has to learn, like anything else. Sometimes you only realise that when you start to see warning signs from your body or warning signs from people around you.

        This challenge is turning out to be quite enjoyable. It’s fun to experiment with different things!

        • Elizabeth says:

          I have hopes of this. It’s been enjoyable so far. The only real hesitation was in tackling Day One. One writes, obviously, because one thinks in words, and writing them down (making them retrievable) allows one to get more mileage out of fewer thoughts through re-reading them.

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