NaPoWriMo APRIL 2022 – a

April is Global/National Poetry Writing Month. Writing a poem a day.

First 7 days of poems

fir trees stand guard at the head 
           of the trail leading to the peak
greening meadows celebrate
           the return of warmth and sunlight
spring melt runoff jumps from rock 
           to rill to laughing mountain streams

[sijo.] copyright © 2022-04-01, by lizl bennefeld.
again I can hear
robins singing from their trees
springtime's dawn

[haiku.] copyright © 2022-04-02, by lizl bennefeld.
late at night
waiting for morning

[haiku.] copyright © 2022-04-03, by lizl bennefeld.
frost on last year's grass
sleet and snow promised by noon
going into night
        the March lion has taught
        April lambs how to roar and bite

[tanka.] copyright © 2022-04-03, by lizl bennefeld.
[An old English proverb: "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb."]

moonlight on the waves
as far as my eyes can see
pebbles on the shore
        I still hear you whispering
        that you someday will return

[tanka.] copyright © 2022-04-04, by lizl bennefeld.

out in the rainstorm
rooks play "King of the Castle"
laughter and wet wings

[haiku.] copyright © 2022-04-05, by lizl bennefeld.

late at night
thoughts start to wander
down worn paths
     what to think of death

it does not matter
what path thoughts might take
make your choice
     we'll know or we won't...
     trust laughter and love

[micropoetry/tanka pair.] copyright 2022-04-06 by lizl bennefeld.

raindrops on the wind
intermixed with ice and snow
melting as they fall
      wind gusts brush the window panes
      as I fall back into sleep

[tanka.] copyright 2022-04-06 by lizl bennefeld.

passion does not become me, 
       although I stand in stillness
when the mourning doves share their sorrows,
       and my hot tears flow free
I feel the Earth's pulsing heart 
       beat in rhythm with the sea

[sijo.] Copyright © 2022-04-07/08, by Liz Bennefeld.

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