I have begun this journal/website as a generally informal spot for myself to write in, as opposed to the blogs and pages that seem to have developed their own themes and topics.

This project has been slow to get underway as the challenges of growing older have begun to intrude on interior life.  Deaths of parents and of a sibling over the past few years, family gatherings, changes in lifestyle bring changes in perspective, new understandings. Sometimes, with frightening recognition of the significance of past events and understanding of hitherto meaningless conversations and interactions with others.

Ah, well! Never too old to learn, and the realizations are somehow less threatening to one’s current well-being when all the other witnesses and participants are long dead.

I guess that this “About” page has been neither about me or this journal.

That’s okay for now, but I do intend to do something about that.

Copyright © 2017-03-04, by Lizl Bennefeld.

P.S. I did decide, after much deliberation, to renew my trade name registration for another five years, although I have not yet recovered enough to expand my activities. In any case, I will no longer accept job search or academic projects.

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