About – April 2018

The opening page for April 2018.

napowrimo2018I am looking forward to National Poetry Writing Month, when I plan to write at least one poem for each day of April. It’s worked out best to work from prompts provided throughout the Internet. Sometimes directly, but often, too, a starting point on a path to somewhere else.

ETA: Submitted my site to NaPoWriMo.net as participant in this April’s Na/GloPoWriMo activity, this morning.

During November 2017 (National Novel Writing Month/NaNoWriMo), I participated in a group that picked up the challenge to write a poem a day, using prompts supplied by the organizer. Mostly…. Nothing against that concept (and I would not rule out doing it again), but I wouldn’t mind going it alone, this time. After completing a four-week “Introduction to Japanese Poetry” online workshop given by Naomi Beth Wakan during September-October, last year, I hope to use April’s challenge to further explore, in addition to haiku and tanka, more forms/styles of poetry with similar inspiration.

I had planned to start in January 2018 on a twelve-week creativity program focusing on uncovering hidden creative inspirations in one’s life. I’d selected one of Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way books: Finding Water. That never got off the ground. More deaths and illnesses in the close and extended family and among my circle of acquaintances. I bailed. Mostly because I felt that I was concentrating more on not saying anything to the point than on exploring my creativity or the inspirations in my surroundings.

Wondering when the dam will break.