Previous Intro – 4 March 2017

Removed from Welcome page on 27 April

Changes have taken place in my Internet presence. This week, I finally (again) deleted my late mother’s LiveJournal account. I also decided to delete my permanent LiveJournal account, which I first began in 2003. I have gone to Dreamwidth and taken up my paid account there. LJ was the spot where my mother and I talked the most, joined for a while by my sister Chris. I just couldn’t continue there. I abandoned blog entirely, taking nothing with me, including recipes and photographs.

Changes continue, as I have quit watching television. Not intentionally, but I have neither time nor desire to make time for it. I am spending more time outside, more time (if that were possible) at reading books, and also, I am paying more attention to current events and spending quality time with the puppies. That does not, unfortunately, include training them, other than reinforcing the “Sit, Stay” commands to keep them from leaping into the dry-food bag or, alternately, the hot oven in search of the sources of tantalizing aromas.

And, I think that I am thinking more.

P.S. I later learned that the new TOS, which was available only in Russian, included compliance to Russian law that would have limited or eliminated topics to include LGBTQIA and related subjects. Reason enough to bail without spending time importing thirteen years of old posts.