Previous Intro Page, August 30

The seasons change, and with those changes, a rotation of allergens. The approach of autumn brings out the trusty ragweed. And smoke from forest fires half a continent away…or farther. I become forgetful…aggravated without reason…slow to accomplish a To-Do list, no matter how short or simply written. This is the time of year when I settle in to reread long fantasy and science fiction series, first book in the series until the sometimes bitter end.

Fortunately, the majority of the prose and poetry on this website was not written during the Ragweed Season, so please continue to the posts. There is course work here from WordPress’s Blogging U (now defunct) and a workshop on writing Japanese Poetry, as well as month-long poem-a-day challenges. I will be beginning a photography workshop on the 10th of September. I look forward to that.

Best wishes!
Liz Bennefeld
August 3oth 2018