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Day 9 – Wardrobe Salvage | Poem a Day (NaNoWriMo)

Prompt: article of clothing

kibbles…then dessert
threads tangled in teeth and paws
my sock in his mouth

salvage. Copyright © by Liz Bennefeld,
2019-11-09, all rights reserved.


Life through my Windows Miscellanea Poetry Writing

Day 8 – Cupcake Winter | Poem a Day (NaNoWriMo)

Running on Snow


more than a dusting
but not a second layer…
frosting on the path

cupcake winter, senryu. Copyright © by Liz Bennefeld,
2019-11-08, all rights reserved.


Life through my Windows Miscellanea Poetry Writing

Day 7 – Perspective | Poem a Day (NaNoWriMo)

clouded sky

leaves upon the road
farther, the first quarter moon
clouds and tree branches

wayward breezes stir the waves
moonlight is lost in the sky

Copyright © Lizl Bennefeld, 2019-11-07.

Life through my Windows Lifestyle Miscellanea

More often, more present to my mind

As the years go by, I find myself thinking more frequently about staking out more formal times for solitude. Initiating rather than reacting. Turning inward. Perhaps I am more easily distracted, these days, and troubled more by externals that interrupt my thoughts. And then I review the proclivities of my past and recognize that there always has been a struggle for more isolation…for fewer interruptions and broader perspectives. I like the quiet that allows thoughts and images to flow together. The currents and their directions, the coming together and the divergence. Spontaneity, the mind at peace.




Life through my Windows Poetry Writing

Awakened at 0430

awakened from sleep
hard rain against the window
thunder coming near

memories of walking, wet and
reveling in dark winds

Copyright © 2019-07-17, by Lizl Bennefeld.


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Sunday meditation

morning light
Syrphid’s shadow
wind’s caress

Copyright © 2019-07-14, by Lizl Bennefeld.

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Retasting realities

bookshelves beside my rocking chair
Rewriting the World

So many years, to notice I’ve returned to the place from which I started. A journey not yet ended, but which will end in an hour … or months … or decades from this day. A journey not taken?

streams of thought

and kindnesses not looked for

barely noticed

I saved gratitude for the end

but, thinking now, it should not be left too late

to speak through silent words

written on a screen…a sheet of paper

or the sky’s clouds

gentle rain


in dust

before the earth is wrung dry

and cries for tears

to dampen it, again


perhaps there is a time…a moment

to stop the flow of thought and reason

to feel what is and mourn

what might have been—

to acknowledge the gaps

measures underweight

until the world’s too light

not to blow away

[Rough draft].  Copyright © 2019-05-22, by Elizabeth W. Bennefeld.



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Day 27 Late-Season Snow #NaPoWriMo

cocker spaniel playing in the newly fallen April snow
Late-season Snow Storm

Prompt: “Take one of your poems and, in three places, insert a parenthetical comment…” I used only this much of the prompt found at Cuyahoga County Public Library website. Only three more days to go!

late-spring storm
{by now, I shouldn’t feel surprise}
snow on puppy legs…face…tail
{how did he get snow plastered THERE?}
don’t sit in my lap!
{ah, well! there’s towels}

Copyright © 2019-04-27, by Lizl Bennefeld.LOGO FOR NATIONAL POETRY MONTH

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Day 25 Springtime Joy #GloPoWriMo #NaPoWriMo

tulips in the side garden
Joy in Springtime


warm winds and raindrops
filling up the tulip cups…
sliding down long leaves

Copyright © 2019-04-25, by Lizl Bennefeld.

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Day 24 : Just different #NaPoWriMo #GloPoWriMo

complete as me

i’m just me
not alone…but separate
a narrow focus

what goes wrong outside this room
does not change what i can do

Lizl Bennefeld, 2019-04-24