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Forgotten Leaf
© Lizl Bennefeld, 2019-03-12

sitting in sunshine / water drips from the eaves  / icicles grow thin

The group is coming together, again, for NaPoWriMo 2019. We are to select our own daily prompts, this year, rather than having a member find and post a collection of daily prompts. I think that I will be comfortable with that. I do remember, though, that not being satisfied with this year’s prompts for NaHaiWriMo was pretty much a killer for me. Dropped it halfway through, and never did go back to finish out the 28 days.

The spring thaw is coming along slowly, this year. Gradual melt and run-off is preferable to rain, ponding, and floodwater overflowing the riverbanks.


fresh spring breeze
bright sunlight on my withered skin
too cold to live again

[12 March 2019]



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